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the governor of michigan joins us to talk about her state's new initiatives to boost the auto industry. it was more surreal than anything. you're under fire. you're getting blown up. there's definitely adrenaline. there was the explosion, and i remember just opening my eyes, and it got both of my legs. i had surgery after surgery, you know, i was on a lot of pain medicine. "what's going to happen next? and how long am i going to be here?" the wounded warrior project dropped off a backpack for me. and it had everything in there that i could possibly have needed at that time. peer visitors, people who have been where i had been before, said, "look, brother, "everything's going to be okay. "three months from now, or four months "from now, a year from now, you'll be fine." that type of thing was an invaluable service. to be honest, i don't know if i would be as well adjusted as i am now if it wasn't for them. to learn more, call... or visit woundedwarriorproject.org. reinventing the auto industry is the main focus in michigan which has an unemployment rate of 13% the highest in the nation.
on the night. so down to two time-outs for michigan state. 1:10 left. they know they'd like to get it down and try to win in regulation. but worst-case scenario, go to overtime. >> todd: i think you think that even more so as the home team. you're a home team, taking the game to overtime, you like your chances a little bit better than if you're the visiting team. maybe you're a little more aggressive as the visitor trying to get the win before you would get to overtime. kirk cousins has to be very smart with the football right now. >> brad: he's got nichol, cunningham, martin and fowler as his wide receivers on second down and 18. you'd like to get a chunk back, they will. a flag down in the backfield. got it back across the original line of scrimmage. but here's the penalty. >> referee: holding, offense, 59. ten-yard penalty. replay first down. second down. >> brad: tenth penalty suffered by michigan state. and it's d.j. young, the left tackle. >> todd: another costly penalty. now it puts you in a really difficult position if you're michigan state. if you run the football here, notre dame
that question to his boss, the attorney general of michigan. >>> also tonight a bombshell campaign ad re-enacting a senator's visit with a prostitu prostitute. is it fair? is it true? we have the facts. >>> and later a rare sitdown with michael j. fox, his battle with parkinson's, what his days look like and what the future looks like in the battle against this killer disease. >>> we begin though tonight keeping them honest. one of the new developments in one of the oddest stories we have reported on in a long, long time. new calls tonight for an assistant attorney general of michigan to be fired. in a moment we're going to talk with his boss, the attorney general of michigan, to find out if he will be. let's first get you up to speed. the man we're talking about is andrew shirvell, that's him, an assistant attorney general of michigan. for months in his private time he's been fixated on a young gay college student named chris armstrong. that's mr. armstrong. he's the first openly gay student body president at the university of michigan. so why does andrew shirvell, a public official, ca
's tomorrow night. right now, can't wait to hear the story about the guy in michigan, it's anderson cooper and "ac 360." anderson? >>> thanks, larry. thanks for joining us, everyone. picture this, you wake up one day and discover a public official is targeting you, he singled you out by name and set up a blog dedicated solely to making vicious allegations against you, calling you a nazi, all that for starters. weird thing is you don't even know the guy and you're not even out of college yet. sound like a nightmare? it's happening to a college student in michigan and tonight we confront the public official behind it. we're going to ask him, why this kid and how does he justify targeting him? also breaking news, growing concerns about a possible al qaeda commando attack with gunmen on city streets storming hotels, shooting anyone in their path. if you remember the attacks on mumbai, this would be the sequel. we've got the latest where officials fear it could happen and where the killers could be coming from. >>> and later the defense rested in the two men accused in the horrific home invasio
in michigan and tonight we confront the public official behind it. we're going to ask him, why this kid and how does he justify targeting him? we're keeping them honest. also breaking news, growing concerns about a possible al qaeda commando attack with gunmen on city streets storming hotels, shooting anyone in their path. if you remember the attacks on mumbai, this would be the sequel. we've got the latest where officials fear it could happen and where the killers could be coming from. >>> and later the defense rested in the trial of the two men accused of the horrific home invasion and murder in connecticut. overwhelming evidence against them. we'll show you what kind of defense they put on today and where the case goes from here. that's our "crime and punishment" segment tonight. we begin with keeping them honest. with a law enforcement official who seems to be waging a one-man war against a college student. a public servant, an assistant attorney general in the state of michigan, charged with upholding the law. in his spare time, however, he's targeting a single individual who's com
i think they are going to change. let's look at the state of michigan. you have one refinery in the state of michigan. it runs about 106,000 gallons per day. it makes up about 1% of michigan's demand. the rest of the refined product that is used in consumed here in michigan comes from chicago. three or four of the big refineries in chicago, there are a couple of different large pipelines that bring that product over. you are already on the heels of an incident in the kalamazoo river, and about a week and a half ago there was an incident in chicago. the pipeline 6b that delivers some crude to us and some down to toledo is out of commission. the other problem that bring screwed over from chicago is out of commission. -- that brings crude over from chicago. those businesses and other suppliers who rely on chicago to supply this market, we have to bid up and over what someone else is willing to pay in those markets to be able to get that product over here. just this morning, i received a note that the problem in chicago has been repaired and is now back up and running. at noon i
. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from michigan. mr. levin: mr. speaker, it's now my pleasure, a deep privilege to yield a minute to our distinguished speaker, nancy pelosi. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized. the speaker: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank you for the recognition and of yielding of time from the distinguished chairman of the ways and means committee. w and means committee. i think him for bringing this legislation to the floor and i thank mr. murphy -- bipartisan murphys for their leadership in this important legislation. mr. speaker, for so many years, we have watched china-u.s. trade deficit grow and grow and grow. and today, we are finally doing something about it by recognizing that china's manipulation of the currency represents a subsidy for chinese -- exports coming to the united states and elsewhere. many of us have been working on this issue for decades. 20 years ago, when the issue of china trade was before the floor of the house, the trade deficit was $5 billion a year. u.s.-china trade deficit was $5 billion a year. we
beer and smoking pot on the lunch hour, it shouldn't counts. >> as a former michigan resident i have to say there's nothing new. >> brenda: i wish they were as effective on the auto line. there we go. >> . >> neil: fox on top. >> union strong arming over the top. united auto workers threatening to pull hundreds of millions from jp morgan from bank accounts and keeping people in michigan. keeping people in homes they can't afford, isn't that what got us in the huge mess in the first place. hello, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. to benstein, adam, the taxes getting stronger and tougher every week, what's up with that. >> there was a dictator in argentina named juan peron and he had a system peronism which was dictatorial. i'm not saying that obama is dictatorial, but a strong arming government along with unions to control the rest of the country and what we're seeing here is a kind of beginning of peronism where the government works with the unions to try to circumvent the law of contract which is by the way circumventing the confusion and trying to control the country by sh
news, the united nations. >>> we have breaking news from flint, michigan where prosecutors filed additional charges against elias abuelazam. prosecutors in flint, michigan, charged him with four additional attempted murder charges and one more murder charge in michigan. that's four charges. and he is also charged with a string of attacks in ohio. >>> another university of maryland student was attacked over the weekend. this happened yesterday morning in the college park shopping center parking lot. police say the victim was intoxicated when three men attacked him. students are hoping that by traveling in groups and knowing when they have had enough to drink will lessen their chance of becoming a victim. >> you always want to walk with people and that's the main thing. so don't be too intoxicated otherwise people point you out. >> a silver spring man was charged with attacks. police are looking for three suspects in yesterday's attack. >>> the u.s. supreme court is the only chance a virginia woman has to avoid execution this week. theresa lewis was denied clemency. the 41-year-old
to be more like chicago. an ode to chicago. anybody has ever visited chicago, you go down michigan avenue and everyone goes like why can't we be like chicago? they don't go in the neighborhoods, they just go down michigan avenue and the entire city and county of chicago and the cook county around chicago looks like michigan avenue. but nonetheless, it is something that vexes you, you think why can't we be more like michigan avenue. so began the journey many years ago to say what do we need to do differently had order to organize ourselves in a way that we could create great streets through the commercial corridors and the main entry points in and out of our city. we got the together and we realized there was a lot of money already being spent, it wasn't being coordinated, it wasn't a collaborative. you didn't have the arts commission working with the department of public works and the public utilities commission and working with the economic development office and our lobbiest at the state and federal level to match state and federal and local dollars to organize a much more organized nar
. neal, and the gentleman from michigan, mr. camp, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from massachusetts. mr. neal: thank you, madam speaker. i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and to include extraneous material on the bill under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. neal: thank you. madam speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. neal: madam speaker, more than 100 years ago the first u.s. mutual fund was started in boston. mutual funds have been a way of life for every man to invest in the market. with the benefits of pooling and diversification. it invites the term mutualization. today more than 50 million households invest through mutual funds with a median household income of $80,000. more than 50% of 401-k assets were invested in mutual funds at the end of 2009. h.r. 4337 was introduced last year by mr. rangel and i to modernize the tax laws regarding to regulate investment companies, bet
commending and congratulating michigan technological university on the occasion of its 125th anniversary. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from the northern mariana islands, mr. sablan, and the gentleman from utah, mr. bishop, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from the northern mariana islands. mr. sablan: madam speaker, i request five legislative days during which members may revise and extend and insert extraneous material on house resolution 1564 into the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. sablan: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. sablan: madam speaker, i rise today in support of house resolution 1564 which celebrates michigan technological university for 125 years of leadership and service in higher education. michigan technological university was originally chartered as michigan school of minds in 1885 and later renamed the michigan college of mining and technology. the college was founded in response to the needs of the copper industry i
man. openly gay student body president of the university of michigan. what is really surprising here is the person who's waging it. a top state official who helps enforce laws. >>> plus, a sign of how bad the recent recession was. among the biggest cities in the united states, only one saw a rise in median income. only one. what was that city doing right? we'll find out. >>> and the way you browse the web could you changing dramatically. instead of looking down at your smartphone, you might be looking through. >>> first, a major terror plot uncovered in europe triggering concern around the world. a german counter-terrorist official tells the u.s. to focus -- economic targets like banks and stock exchanges. at the same time, developments on the battlefields in afghanistan and pakistan that are linked to the plot, apparently. here are key points. authorities say a german citizen of afghan descent is in custody spelling out the terror plan, like the terror plot in mumbai that killed 164 people two years ago. osama bin laden apparently approved the plan. no word so far if threats were al
. the gentleman from michigan, mr. leven, and the gentleman from michigan, mr. camp, each will control five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from new york. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i yield myself as much time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized but will suspend for one minute. the house will be in order. the gentleman may continue. mr. nadler: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today in support of the james zadroga compensation act. on september 11, 2001, al qaeda orkstrate the deadliest terrorist attack in american history, killing almost 3,000 people and wounding thousands more. the attacks created an environmental nightmare as hundreds of tons of every contaminant known to man and woman came into the streets and the can yons of manhattan and brooklyn -- canyons of manhattan and brooklyn and you can see pictures of this in front of us. into this toxic crowd ran firefighters and police and other first responders. first responders came from all 50 states to aid in the rescue and cleanup of the subsequent days. the environmental protection administ
a $30 billion bill to help small businesses expand and hire. well, michigan governor jennifer granholm was on hand to see that signing. the president, as he heads through the midwest, is trying to get support for independents and democrats to vote independent. what does he need to get that support? >> all about jobs and the small business bill is really significant and i hope he's really able to put examples of people and businesses who have benefited from it, which is what he brought to had the white house yesterday and this bill that he signed was modeled after a very small program in michigan where we have been focused on diversifying our economy going from an auto centric economy to a much more diverse knowledge-based pharmaceuticals, clean energy, homeland security and defense and even film. so, the bottom line for us is small businesses who want to diversify and maybe all auto before but can do the machining for medical devices or homeland security applications and we want to give them access to credit. but they haven't been able to get access to credit because the auto industry
to return to detroit, michigan's wayne state university. >> she was also interested in environment. but for some reason she went into another field. the cytotechnology. >> reporter: so she could read lab tests, work in cancer research. but the reason we're here is, as we say, the love story. >> i always remember linda saying i'm not going to get married. >> reporter: it was her lab partner who saw what happened, how linda suddenly changed. >> she started making mention of this guy. and she was excited about it. >> reporter: it was a cross-cultural romance. two budding scientists. he was a visiting ph.d. student from turkey. ozgur yaman. but after they met, well, linda at lab class was not quite the same anymore. >> she just seemed to have that extra step in her -- you know, like "i'm in love." you know? >> reporter: it lasted, too. they dated three whole years while they worked on their degrees. linda's mother, karen, would say appropriately good things about her daughter's new boyfriend. in public at least. >> i thought he was fine. he was polite, friendly. he was very nice. when
tricks case. democrats having tried to qualify fake tea party candidates for the ballot in michigan. in this case it turned out that a democratic party official had notarized affidavits for half the tea party's 23 candidates in michigan, and the company used to collect signatures to get those tea party candidates on the ballot was the same firm that michigan democrats had used for stealth petition drives in the past. also it should be noted that two of the candidates recruited for this supposed tea party were born in 1990 and therefore ineligible to either hold office in the state or to drink, for that matter. so for once, the oh, this thing happens on both sides tripe is actually true. there's one important caveat here. what's the difference in the outcome again say this year's arizona green party republican dirty tricks and the michigan tea party democratic dirty tricks? well, the reason the detroit news is reporting on the tea party candidates right now is because the fake tea party people are not going to be on the ballot in michigan. the democrats' attempt at dirty tricks invol
. now it turns out the v.a. not only knew about it but agreed to it. the other oil spill. michigan homeowners say the own of a ruptured pipeline deceived them into signing away their rights. and a photographer who won the trust of civil rights leaders is exposed as a paid f.b.i. informant. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. for three american families there was joy mixed with heart break today. iran finally released sarah shourd, a native of los angeles, who had been held for more than a year on spy charges. she was freed for medical reasons after $500,000 in bail money was deposited in an iranian bank. it's not clear who paid. but iran continues to hold two of her friends, including her fiance. in a moment we'll hear from a family member. but first, elizabeth palmer on the latest turn in this long-running drama. >> reporter: free at last. after 410 days of imprisonment, sarah shourd arrived in the gulf state of oman, safely back in the arms of her mother. in
the accused serial stabber. michigan authorities will charge five new charges against elias abuelazam. he's suspected of stabbing people in michigan, virginia, and ohio. five of the michigan victims died. >>> officers responded to a demeft -- domestic dispute when a man with a rifle shot at them and they shot back. oliver cohen was killed. police are determining whether he died from an officer's appellate or a self--inflicted gun shot wound. >>> a leesburg, virginia, man accused of killing his wife. la depfment leur is charged -- steve yone -- steven combs la fler is charged with killing his wife. >>> "politico" reports that baucus is rolling back taxes on top income americans which president obama supports. republicans and democrats are asking for bush tax cuts to be extended temporarily. >>> staying with politics. an old video put a new spotlight on a tea party favorite. y dabbled -- >> i dabbled in witchcraft. >> that is christine o'donnell making statements on "politically incorrect." yesterday she made light of that controversy asking how many people didn't hang out with, quote, ques
are on restricted duty for the duration of the investigation. >>> and in michigan police are looking for a suspect they say is one of the world's dumbest criminals. the man walks into a convenience store and in plain sight of a security camera dons a darth vader mask. though the dark lord got away with an undisclosed amount of cash during the heist, he's now under the hot pursuit of the police force. >>> oregon firefighters were called in for an unusual rescue, a privately-owned 1,200 pound camel, stuck in a sinkhole. the rescue team used ropes and straps to pull the distressed animal to safety. so far seems to be doing okay. >>> in new york, guinness world record folk promoted the release of their 2011 book with a play date for one of the biggest and smallest stars, giant george, the world's tallest living dog, and bobo, the smallest. boo boo needed a boost to see george, but there was an instant connection. now for a look at your national weather, we turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins with the forecast. >> do you think george is a happen dog? >> i hope not. >> a lot of those great danes think
across michigan and washington pushing through indiana and ohio. another cluster out of missouri there. for us a few clouds blowing off the storms this morning. otherwise in the 60s. look at the 70sin the ohio valley ahead of the cold front. a little touch of autumn across the northeast. in the 40s with 30s toward lake la sid. 58 reston. arlington is 64. so is brandywine and so is springfield while we sit at 69 at reagan national. 72 or so around 9:00. 80 at noon. breezy this actual. could be a late shower north and west. highs 84 to 89 down south. 31. let's find out about angie's problems. >> tieups to avoid early on. begin with an accident at marlboro bike between brooks drive and silver hill we are hears because of this accident it will be like this until 5:00 a.m., maybe even 5:30. we have construction we are keeping an eye out on. surprise surprise. south capitol street is closed in both directions where it meets the douglas bridge. hopefully that will open up by the 5:00 hour, as well. watch for construction at 824 montgomery village avenue. smooth sailing to the split. 395 north
in michigan are looking for a suspect they say is the world's dumbest criminal. e man walks into a convenience store and while on camera dawns a darth vader mask. he's now in hot pursuit of the police force. >>> oregon firefighters were called in for an unusual rescue. a privately owned 1200 pound camel stuck in a sinkhole. they used ropes and straps to pull up the animal to safety. so far, it seems to be doing okay. >>> and in new york, guinness world record promoted the release of their 2011 book with a play date with one of its biggest and smallest stars. bobo needed a boost to meet george, the smallest and tllest dogs in the world to make th connection. >>> now for a look at your national and local weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> there was a lot of drama when they were rescuing that animal. >> i know. it w amazing. >> eventually, they got over the hump, though. >> really, bill? you're going to start out the morning with a bad joke? >> that's how wee doing it. we had karl out there yesterday and now it's t into the gulf of mexic this one is steered more or less back towar
way, 43-7. michigan's denard robinson puts on 502 total yards against notre dame. did the minutemen forget how to tackle? 66 yards down the sideline he streaks. umass leading. michigan in front by 11. kyle havens, he was open, tight end for the touchdown. 32-47 game. massachusetts still has a chance in this one. the on-side kick out of bounds. michigan survives that scare, 42-37. orioles pitcher jake arieta will shut it down the rest of the way. a bone spur causes discomfort. no worries about the elbow, he should be fine. last night, orioles, yanks. 3-1, orioles, koji uehara battling alex rodriguez. bets gets the pitch called a strike. this time it's a ball. next pitch, and it's a bad one, and a-rod sends it 20 rows deep for a three-run shot. back to football, the ravens, a touchdown, queen city ready for game two sunday against the bengals. ray rice proved a nonfactor to the jets. however, the bengals are not the run stoppers like new york and rice has history making plays against the bentley. bengals. expect ray rice to look like the pro bowl running back. the kincaids live here.
owns has a 6-b line which ruptured near marshall, michigan earlier this summer spilling more than 1 million gallons of oil into a nearby creek and the kalamazoo river. on capital hill wednesday, congressmen blasted the company and federal agency which oversees the nation's pipeline system for the spills. an enbridge official told the congressional committee "the company could detect a leak on its pipelines "almost instantaneously." although reports say it took enbridge 18 hours to confirm the michigan problem. still to come... america's shrinking supply of water could turn into a crisis. more on that later. but first, how america's dependence on foreign oil partly lead to the great recession. woman: so here are the keys. congratulations! it's officially yours. i'm sure you'll have many happy years here. except for you. because you'll be gone three years from now. struck down by the same disease that got your father. so you won't be around for them. and sadly, it could have been detected early with a simple test. but you didn't have it. ok! who wan to check out the back yard? announc
was hit with more charges in michigan. he's suspected of a series of stabbings in virginia, ohio and michigan. today prosecutors in flaunt have charged him with murder and assaults. these new charges are in addition to the attempted murder charges he's also facing in michigan. >> we have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this occurred and the defendant is the person responsible. we'll get there. we're being careful, methodical. i have a tremendous team of law enforcement working with us and i'm confident we'll be able to be successful. >> abuelazam pled not guilty today. >>> we have the condition of a doctor shot at hopkins last week. orthopedic surgeon david cohen is in good condition and continues to improve. he was shot by the son of an elderly patient being treated at the hospital last thursday. police say the gunman, 50-year- old paul warren pardus became distraught after being told about his mother's condition and he shot and killed his mother and then himself. >>> the only woman on virginia death row, the only way theresa lewis will survive is a reprieve from the dis
: joe and jennifer montana in the house for notre dame and michigan state. dane kris hits flores for 24 yards. michigan state ties it. cousins scrambles to his right, finds washington. a 24-yard touchdown. ties it at 28. overtime. in o.t., a field goal would send it to double-overtime. it's a fake, perfectly executed. michigan state wins 34-31. the irish fall to 1-2 after this crushing defeat. >>> switch gears. the giants trying to figure out the brewers. the camera phone? man: i did. do you wanna go first? i've been waiting for this all day. ok, this is from... aunt stacey. introducing chase quickdeposit. just photograph the front and back of your check using the chase mobile app on your iphone, and hit send. it went through. this is so cool. this is so cool. you wanna try it? yea. ok. make a depositght. from anytime--make a det with your iphone. to mister and misses walker. why would they send my parents a check? chase what matters. ♪ >> mike: in the giants are clinging to first place. they send tim lincecum to the mound. second inning, lips kim -- lips kim gets magee he. they appea
in milwaukee. you could not ask for a better plot or subplot in college football, game of the week, michigan and notre dame, an afternoon dripping in drama that lasted until the final seconds, the irish lost the quarterback when his bell was rung in the first series. michigan cashed in, robinson from 87 yards in the second quarter, michigan led 21-7. he's not that fast. we speeded it up. the irish offense came back with them. buying some time, finds rue doll of, he makes off, notre dame led 24-21. michigan had one last crack and made it work. 27 seconds left, robinson takes it into the end zone, michigan wins 28-24. robinson with a michigan record, 502 yards in offense. >>> they had a 24-3 in the second period when he gets his second pick of the game. he takes it 47 yards on the return. you can see they got the wildcats scored, nailed him for a touchdown here. his second of the game. wildcats win 37-3, they are 2- 0. he took apart siu tonight. he rolls out, finds him for 33 yards and a score. they win the final 35-3. they are 1-1. shocker of the day at minnesota where gopher fans were stunne
and then there was a huge swath of heavy rain from eastern south dakota all the way into michigan and through wisconsin. look at the rains since 7:00 this morning as tracked by the doppler radar and see our northern suburbs were favored for the heaviest rain and southern suburbs missed out on the heaviest of the rain. it's clear there is a circulation here. you can see it carved on the clouds and see that sunshine will be at a premium this afternoon. not totally absent but not very frequent. that's for sure, with temperatures coming down under the cloud deck. we may recover about 70 but look at the winds that are blowing with this adding to the autumn chill and these winds essentially extend back into our area and then led up by late tonight winds are calm around here. so there is a change and this little northward bulge is a warm spell that will come in tomorrow. after a cool start we will rebound in the upper 70s during the day. little lobe of cool air right here with 54 at the twin cities and a huge pool of cool air is that diving southward out of the arctic region. look at temperatures in the 30s a
in a string of serial stabbings could be announced tomorrow. prosecutors in michigan are expected to announce five new charges against him, including at least one murder charge. he is expected -- suspected in stabbings in michigan and ohio and also in three non fatal attacks in virginia. >>> the owner of the egg farm that is involved in the salmonella my cases is expected to have an answer. koran hundred 26 positive results of salma non between 2008 and 2010, -- results of salmonella. there is one person testifying on wednesday. also on wednesday, a month-long august up the virginia department of transportation will be released. -- a month-long audit of the virginia department of transportation will be released. .it is predicted the audit would lead to major changes at vdot. >>> coming next, details that affects emergency workers from september 11. " plus, education in this country. the d.c. school system and michelle rhee, the chancellor. >>> i am indeed belfort furniture weather center. what can we expect for the upcoming work week? what can we expect for the upcoming work week? how does th
was too much of a weenie to debate him in michigan, so he took matters into his own hands and crashed the town hall. we got the story for you. >>> and the professor of paranoia, glenn beck, is warning his viewers with a prediction of liberal violence, led by president obama. i will show you some unbelievable tape of the battleground story tonight. and then we will put that "psychotalk"er right in his place. >>> and a big development today on the jobs bill. within the last hour, the senate has voted to break the filibuster. two republicans have come on board. a couple of georges, george lemieux from florida and george voinovich of ohio have voted with the democrats to move the small business jobs bill, something very positive in the job market in this country. we will tell you more about it later in the show. >>> this, i admit this isn't the biggest story in america but it is the one that has me fired up because i think it sends a very poor message to young people in this country. the perverse conservative hatred for president obama has infiltrated public schools all across this countr
of michigan. and the target of a venomous blog by an assistant state attorney general named andrew shirvel. armstrong isn't been smeared for a suspected crime. instead he claims armstrong is pushing a, quote, radical homosexual agenda. he calls him a racist liar. a pervert. in a memorable appearance with my colleague, anderson cooper, shirvel not only didn't back down from the slurs, he defended them and kept up the attack on armstrong. >> i am doing this as a private citizen off work time as a university of michigan alum. we're quibbling over tactics. we're not quibbling over substan substance. the substance is chris armstrong is a radical homosexual activist who got elected partly funded by the gay and lesbian victory fund to promote a very deeply radical agenda at the university of michigan. >> his biggest issues were extending the hours of the cafeteria and lowering tuition as well as some gender housing issues. >> no, that's not correct. no, that's not correct, anderson. his biggest issue is gender neutral housing. what we're talking about is anybody, any man or woman wanting to choos
's scores, and they beat washington, 1-0. .the notre dame michigan state game last night on abc 7. they went into overtime hot, and there was a call on a fake field goal that led to a touchdown and a michigan state way. after it, the coach suffered a heart attack and had to go into surgery. he is not expected to return to his team anytime soon. and we are tied right now. >> >>> a quick look at the extended outlook, it could hit 90 degrees wednesday, thursday, friday, and we are just one day shy for the most 90-degree days my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2. or maybe 8? my "me time" is when there's a 10% chance of rain! [ cellphone rings ] my "me time" is when he doesn't get the hint. ♪ my "me time"... [ bang ] is when everybody's takin' shots at me. [ male announcer ] discover you time anytime. mccafé your day with a mcdonald's frappé. smooth and icy caramel or mocha blended just for you and topped with a decadent drizzle. "me time"! [ male announcer ] the simple joy of a frappé. ♪
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stabber. michigan prosecutors are set to hold a news conference about five new charges gends a stabber in michigan, ohio, and virginia. five of the michigan victims died. >>> a frederick man died after a confrontation with police. police were responding to a domestic dispute call when a man with a rifle shot at them and they shot back. 28-year-old oliver cohen was killed. police are kerming if -- determining if he died from an officer's bullet or a self--inflicted wound. >>> the senate finance committee chairman, baucus, is planning to roll back taxes for top income americans, which president obama supports. republicans are calling for all bush tax cuts to be extended temporarily. >>> there is an old video that puts a spotlight on a tea party favorite. >>> i dabbled in witchcraft. >> that is christine o'donnell making those comments during a taping on the show "politically incorrect." she was supposed to appear on two sunday talk shows, but she canceled those appearances yesmed she responded by saying she hung out with questionable folks in high school. >>> secretary of state coal-in p
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on fox 5 morning news. >> that is a felony offense under michigan law where you face life in prison, do you understand that penalty? >> the suspect went before a judge via video. we'll have the latest on this as we check more headlines. >>> and actress lindsay lohan is facing more legal troubles but the judge is giving her a bit of a break here. you will hear what it is, coming up. [ quinn ] my name is quinn, and this is my eggo. on fridays i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. [ whispering ] i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car. [ male announcer ] there's only one way to eat an eggo...your way. [ quinn ] l'eggo my eggo. [ louise ] my name is louise and this is my eggo. on tuesday i go in even earlier than usual. thank goodness for eggo, a nutri-grain waffle with a quick smoodge of cream cheese... at least that part's easy. [ male announcer ] there's only one way to eat an eggo...your way. [ louise ] l'eggo my eggo. to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new mot
to young people the huge there. >> we're going to go to your part of country, to michigan state university. in east lansing where has been watching with michigan state students. devon, what do you have for us? >> hey there, tom. welcome to michigan state university. spartans are undefeated. they're a little giddy around here, tom. but i think as secretary duncan noes in michigan we feel doubly pinched by this problem trying to make it less reliant on manufacturing. we have a real problem in michigan of losing our best and brightest, hanging onto our young people let me bring out a senior. just about on the launch pad. you question for the secretary. >> you mentioned money as an incentive for inner city teachers to come to the inner city. and, i was wondering what besides that would be your incentives? i'm a product of detroit public schools. those types of urban districts, teachers really need motivation to stay and get there in the first place. >> let me be very clear, tom, money is only a small part of the answer here. i would strongly encourage her to come back to detroit public schools
battle over whether maintaining that image may mean breaking of the law. two michigan ex-waitresses are suing hooters arguing they were told to lose weight or lose their jobs. 20-year-old cassie smith says she was put on weight probation and counseled about the fit of her uniform. >> she proceeded to tell me they would give me a free gym membership and i had 30 days. if i had improved a little bit i would be given 30 more days. if i didn't improve, i would be separated from the company. >> she ultimately quit. now, hooters takes a different view. >> in her own words, the plaintiff in this lawsuit has made our case for us. she's told everybody that will listen that she's 5'8", 132 pound, so certainly by any standard she would not be classified as being overweight. >> hooters also argued because cassie was not terminated she has no case. now, a second waitress also says she was put on wait probation, went on a crash diet, lost 15 pounds and was terminated. the company denies it discriminated, but they say the hooters girls are part of the image. >> when did they show you th
but this is particularly galling. i've just -- i'm in the middle of a tour around michigan, what i call the main street fighting for main street tour. what we're hearing in cities all across the state and i know this isn't news to you is that people can't get access to capital even after outfits like citibank were baled out, they're not loaning to places like michigan. we've got businesses, entrepreneurs ready to hire, small businesses ready to expand, ready to create jobs. >> no doubt. virg, we are seeing no economic patriotism whatsoever from the very companies that got taxpayer dollars. >> michigan is being red lined. we can't get the capital. and they're expanding in china. like i say, i mean, yes, they should go and make money where they can. i tell you, this is an emerging market. michigan. america is an emerging market. we would like to emerge out of the doldrums of this economy. we are not enjoying recovery. banks like citibank are not investing in michigan. they're not investing in the heartland of this country. the wall street banks have written us off. that's why we're on this main street to
due back at home in the state of michigan, he would attend a rally that cobair plans to hold on the national mall in late october, and we have all the testimony and the laughs on www.myfoxdc.com. >>> a vigil is getting underway at this hour for a prince georges county woman struck and killed by a car and that victim was running for u.s. senate. maureen umeh has more. >> reporter: they want this vigil to be a celebration of her life. let me step out of the way and you can see how many people are gathering in the parking lot to honor her life, 30 years old and a force to be a lead in the county and state. taking the lead at the university of miami to run as a green party candidate for senate and look at the video. a tragic scene. her dreams cut short early sunday morning when she was hit by an suv while riding her bike on route 202. she was training for a triathalon and the mother was concerned about the length of -- in this this area. police say a suv hit her and failed to stop at the scene and later called to say she thought she hit a deer. the bike was still in the grill of
are on restricted duty for the duation of the investigation. >>> in michigan, police are looking for a suspect they say is the world's dumbest criminal. the man walks into a convenience store and, in plain sight of a security camera, dawns a darth vader mask. though the dark lord got away with an undisclosed amount of cash during the fearsome heist, he's now in hot pursuit of the police force. >>> oregon firefighters were called in for an unusual rescue. a privately owned 1200 pound camel stuck in a sinkhole. the rescue team used ropes and straps to pull up the distressed animal to safety. so far, it seems to be doing okay. >>> and in new york, guinness world record promoted the release of their 2011 book with a play date with one of its biggest and smallest stars. giant george, the world's tallest living dog, and booboo, the smallest. booboo needed a boost to meet george, but there was an instant connection. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. >> there was a lot of drama when they were rescuing that
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